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Post by Admin on Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:15 am

UPDATE: Personal attack is not allowed. Ascribing motive is not allowed.

We are familiar with Dinner on the Ground. We bring something we like to eat and hope that others will also enjoy it. When we eat someone else's food, if we like it, we may compliment them and ask for the recipe. If we do not care for it, we simply pass it by.

This board exists for discussion of "The Christian Harmony", specifically the 1873 revision and of a regional style of singing from that book. If this is of no interest, pass it by. In the discussion, other books and styles of singing may be mentioned. All comments must be respectful of all the oblong books, and their traditions and singers. That is The Rule.

It is fine to question why there is a need for this discussion. We welcome the opportunity to be clear on that. Here again, apply The Rule.

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